Mr. T

Mr. T ( born May 21, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois; actually Laurence Tureaud ) is an American actor.


Tureaud was in the Robert Taylor Homes, a poor neighborhood in Chicago, was born the second youngest of twelve children. As a young man he was encouraged by his brothers to start with strength training. He successfully played college football and was three times city wrestling champion. He then joined the army, but was discharged because of a dispute with a supervisor soon.

He then worked as a bodyguard and called himself thenceforth Mr. T ( as a tribute to his father, who was often reviled by whites as " Boy", and so you had to speak to him with Mister ). He worked for prominent individuals such as Diana Ross, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson. He thus gained a certain reputation, which should help to a film career to him. Also his motto is known on his business card: "Next to God, there is no protector Greater than I " ( Besides God there is no greater protector than me. ).

Mr. T was discovered in 1982 by Sylvester Stallone and was given the role of Clubber Lang in the third installment of the Rocky saga. For more notoriety he owes the role of Bosco Albert "B. A. " ( Bad Attitude ) Baracus in the American television series The A-Team. In the animated series Mister T (1983, in Germany from 1987 broadcast on RTL ) Mr. T was even the main character and traveled with a group of gymnasts through the USA. The real Mr. T appeared at the end of each episode and tipped the young viewers about the abuse of drugs, behavior in problem situations, the correct environmental behavior etc.. In 1984, Mr. T tried in the music business, and took the rap song Treat Your Mother Right on, which was, however, only moderately successful.

Contact with the WWF (now WWE) set forth Hulk Hogan in Rocky III and The A-Team had a guest role. The resulting collaboration was in March 1985 at Wrestlemania I peaked when Mr. T and Hogan stood together in the ring.

In the 1990s, Mr. T diseased lymph nodes in cancer. His healing strengthened his belief in God. Today he is active, inter alia, as a preacher. In 2001, Mr. T appeared in a short sequence of the film Not Another Teen Movie on. Mr. T also appears in various computer games, including World of Warcraft, for which he also campaigned on television. Since 2011 he has his own TV show on BBC Three named World's Craziest Fools.

Mr. T is the father of three children.