Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen ( Bengali: মৃণাল সেন, Mṛṇāl Sen, born May 14, 1923 in Faridpur, East Bengal, now Bangladesh) is an Indian film director. He turned his films mostly in Bengali but also in Hindi, Oriya and Telugu. Sen is one of the most renowned Indian auteurs.

Life and work

After his education, he went to Kolkata and studied physics. There he came with culturally interested parties of the Communist Party (CPI ) in contact, but without being active party member. After completing his studies, he took various jobs and eventually ended up as a technician in a film studio in Kolkata.

In 1955 he made ​​his first film, and after only two more in 1960, he was already internationally known. But it took another ten years and five movies before he was perceived as a great filmmaker. His 1969 film Bhuvan Shome incurred marks the beginning of a new political film movement in India. Then the linksidealistische Sen focused on social and political issues of his homeland and documented this in his interview Kolkata trilogy (1970 ), Kolkata 71 (1972) and Padatik (1973).

His artistic creative phase began in 1979 with Ek Din Pratidin. This, of the Silver Bear ( Special Jury Prize ) at the Berlinale 1981 excellent Akaler Sandhaney (1980) and especially in 1982 resulting film Kharij, who received a Special Jury Prize at the Film Festival of Cannes 1983, deal with everyday life of middle class families in Kolkata. It subsequently resulted in some movies in Hindi. 1986/87 Sen turned a television series of 40-minute short films under the title Kabhi Kabhi Paas Door. 1991 appeared Mahaprithivi; The film focuses on the German reunification. After a long break, his last film Amar Bhuvan appeared in 2003.

Mrinal Sen is next to Shyam Benegal and the late Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak 's most famous Indian film auteur outside Bollywood. He has received several international film awards, and was a jury member at numerous film festivals, including Cannes (1982 ), Venice ( 1996) and Berlin ( 1982). He was awarded the highest Indian award for filmmakers, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award and Commandeur de l' Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. 1998 to 2003 he was an honorary member of the Indian Parliament ( Rajya Sabha ).


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