Ms. Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite ( born April 26, 1981 in London; bourgeois: Niomi McLean - Daley ) is a British hip-hop musician. Their music was a lot of attention in the media and she won the Brit Award for British female solo artist in 2003. 2002 she was the first black female winner of the Mercury Music Prize.


Their debut album "A Little Deeper " was released in 2002 and made ​​headlines worldwide positive response. It was produced by Salaam Remi, who has already worked for Fugees and Nas, recorded in studios in the U.S. and Jamaica. From the album had two single releases, which ever was also a music video: " Dy -na -mit- tee" and "It Takes More". In 2003, Ms. Dynamite interrupted her career since her son came Shavaar to the world in June.

Ms. Dynamite is committed to charity, so she donated 2002, the 20,000 pounds prize money for the Mercury Music Prize and entered 2005 as part of the worldwide Live 8 benefit concerts on July 2 in London's Hyde Park on.

In October 2005 they released their second album, " Judgement Days " that could not build on the success of the debut. Social problems are addressed for content such as in " Judgement Days " or the Tony Blair critique, " Mr Prime Minister ".

In January 2006, it came in a London nightclub to a tangibility between Ms. Dynamite and a policewoman. As a result, she was sentenced to six hours of community service.



  • A Little Deeper ( 2002)
  • Judgement Days (2005)
  • A Little Darker [ Mixtape ] (2006)


  • It Takes More (2002)
  • Dy -Na -Mi -Tee ( 2002) contains samples from Pass the Dutchie
  • Put Him Out (2002)
  • Judgement Day / Father (2005)
  • Fall in Love Again ( 2006)
  • Fire (featuring Magnetic Man ) (2010 )
  • Neva Soft ( 2011)
  • Light Up ( The World) ( with Yasmin & Shy FX, 2012)
  • Cloud 9 ( with Shy FX, 2013)
  • Dibby Dibby Sound ( DJ Fresh vs. Jay Fay featuring Ms. Dynamite, 2014)