The abbreviation MA stands for:


  • Measure of Sampling Adequacy; Kaiser -Meyer - Olkin see criterion
  • Measurement System Analysis, English for measurement system analysis, an analysis used in Six Sigma
  • Method of Sliding averages, the method of moving averages, see Moving average
  • Multiscale analysis, basic construction in the wavelet theory

Computer science

  • Mail Submission Agent, a network service that accepts e-mails from an e -mail program
  • Mobile Service Architecture, a specification of the Java platform on mobile devices
  • Modular Smart Array series of storage systems from Hewlett -Packard
  • Multiple sequence alignment, alignment of multiple sequences
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor, a website analysis service


  • Maleic anhydride, chemical substance
  • Methanesulfonic acid, methanesulfonic acid, chemical substance


  • Multiple system atrophy, a neurodegenerative disease


  • Minimum Sector Altitude, safety altitude
  • Mistral Air, Italian airline ( ICAO code )


  • Hague Protection of Minors Convention, an international agreement in the field of family law
  • Middle Stone Age, the African Middle Palaeolithic
  • Some high school ( intermediate school )
  • Standard Arabic Modern (or Modern Standard Arabic), a newer form of Fusha
  • Mouvement Socialiste Africaine, historical political party in Africa
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area, designation for large agglomerations in the U.S.
  • MSA AUER GmbH, a subsidiary of the U.S. company MSA ( Mine Safety Appliances ) for occupational health and safety, see Auergesellschaft
  • Mutual Security Agency, U.S. Agency for management of the Marshall Plan funds
  • General People's Congress, a party in Yemen
  • Medlem i Sveriges Arkitekter, member of the Swedish Chamber of Architects
  • Military medical establishments, institutions, military health care system of the Swiss Army
  • Military Sports Award, an award given to members of the Swiss Army is awarded for outstanding athletic achievement
  • Muenster School of Architecture, a Department of the University of Applied Sciences Münster ( Münster University of Applied Sciences )
  • Master Service Agreement english follow, for a higher-level service contract, the later detailed service contracts

M.S.A. stands for:

  • Master of Strategic Affairs, an academic degree, see list of academic degrees ( Germany )

MSa stands for:

  • Motorsport date, weekly newspaper of motorsport from Schwerzenbach near Zurich
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