Msinga Local Municipality

Msinga (English Msinga Local Municipality ) is a town in South Africa's District Umzinyathi in the province of KwaZulu -Natal. The administrative center of the municipality is located in Tugela Ferry. Felinkosi Joshua Sikhakhane is the mayor. The IFP represents the majority in the City Council.

The name of the municipality describes a flow in the sea; by air movement caused ripples on the water surface. It covers an area of ​​2501 square kilometers. 2007, the municipality had 161 894 inhabitants according to projections. In 2001, 58.82 percent of the population women. About 99 percent are black. Also, 99 percent live in rural areas.


Msinga is one of four municipalities in the district and is located in the center of the province. The municipality is bordered to the north by Endumeni and on the east by Nquthu and Nkandla (the latter in the district uThungulu ). South of Msinga are Umvoti and Mpofana (the latter in the district uMgungundlovu ), and west are Umtshezi and Indaka (both in the district Uthukela ). Because the community is located in the gorges of the Tugela and Buffalo rivers, it is quite isolated from the surrounding communities. 69 percent of the municipality belong to the Traditional Authority's territories and are managed by the Ingonyama Trust. In these areas, even 99 percent of the municipality 's population.

Transport receives Msinga on the R33, which runs through the town and also the only paved road in the community. The most important places in the town of Tugela Ferry are, Pomeroy, Rorke 's Drift, Elandskraal and Keate 's Drift.


Economically, the community is not strong, after which already points to the high proportion of women. The men leave the area in search of work. Even the three town-like settlements - Tugela Ferry, Pomeroy and Keate 's Drift - can not provide all the required goods. Therefore, the inhabitants have on the surrounding communities, particularly Umvoti and Endumeni, dodge. Investments are made ​​more difficult by the large proportion of Traditional Authority Areas, as the community can not have these areas. In addition, the infrastructure is very poorly developed.

The two economic pillars are the trade - especially in the three major varieties - and manufacturing and construction industries. Even farming is done in the community.


  • The Battle of Rorke 's Drift (1879 ) took place in the municipality of Msinga. This battle is one of the most famous of Zulukriegs.