Mu Shuangshuang

Mu Shuangshuang (born 1 July 1984) is a Chinese weightlifter.

At the World Championships for women in weightlifting in Doha in 2005 was used by China surprisingly the only 20 -year-old Mu Shuangshuang in the heavyweight (over 75 kg body weight). It provided the favored silver medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Jang Mi- Ran of South Korea a courageous battle and defeated this with the same battle power of 300 kg because of their higher body weight of 131.77 kg compared to 115.12 kg in Jang. It seemed that China had found in it already the successor to the Olympic champions Meiyuan Ding (2000) and Gonghong Tang (2004) for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. In the Chinese Championships of 2006 Mu disappointed, however, and finished at 285 kg in only fifth place.

Until the 2006 World Cup in Santo Domingo to Mu Shuangshuang, however, had brought in excellent shape and reached there with 136 kg in the snatch and 178 kg in the pushing, so a total of 314 kg for the duel rating the same performance as the South Korean Jang Mi- Ran, the had dealt with 179 kg in the snatch and 135 kg in the thrusting. Jang Mi- Ran was considerably lighter than Mu Shuangshuang ( 130.91 kg ) with 113.52 kg and thus became world champion.

Also at the 2007 World Championships in Chiang Mai / Thailand, Mu Shuangshuang and Jang Mi- Ran again delivered a fascinating duel. Both athletes arrived in a duel the world record weight of 319 kg. But the winner was again Jang Mi- Ran because of their body weight advantage of almost 20 kg. After Mu to 138 kg had one kilograms in the snatch with 139 kg lead, Jang was able to wait in pushing that load Mu mastered and then had to come across as Mu only 1 kg more. This project succeeded Jang Mi- Ran with 181 kg to 180 kg of Mu

  • Woman
  • Chinese
  • Weight Lifting (China)
  • Born in 1984