Mudbox is a Sculptingprogramm of the former company Skymatter, which was bought on 6 August 2007 by the company Autodesk and incorporated into the field of media and entertainment.

The Sculptingtool is primarily used for organic models. Mudbox 3D fits into the production pipeline as a pure Sculptingtool.

Mudbox 3D models from stores in its own file format (. Mud ). Export and import opportunities exist through the use of 3ds, obj, fact, dxf, rib, and pov files.

With Mudbox, it is possible to create organic models in the multi- million polygon Alber calibration. This also realistic structures can be created such as skin irregularities, by real 3D coordinates. Mudbox, takes his place next to the ZBrush similar scale as a special application in the production pipeline to create hyper-realistic surfaces in character creation.

Functions V 1.0

Use in the production pipeline

Due to different requirements in the animation, print and CAD range of more specialized tools to be integrated into the workflow within an agency. As a basis a product like Maya, Softimage XSI or Lightwave 3D is often used. Specialty products such as ZBrush, 3D -Brush, Mudbox, Silo 3D or complement the dual functions of the main products in the modeling and Texturierungsbereich.


The current version is Mudbox 2014. Members of the Autodesk Education Community have since the 2011 version the option to download an eleven-month trial version.