Mueang Sisaket District

Amphoe Mueang Sisaket ( Thai: อำเภอ เมือง ศรีสะเกษ ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the province of Si Saket. The Si Saket province is located in the south of the northeast region of Thailand, Isan. The capital of the province of Si Saket is also called Si Saket.


Neighboring districts are (from north clockwise): Amphoe Yang Chum Noi which, Kanthararom, Nam Kliang, Phayu, Wang Hin, Uthumphon and Rasi Salai Phisai. All Amphoe located in the province of Si Saket.


In this district is the Rajabhat University Si Saket.


Amphoe Mueang Si Saket in 18 communes ( tambon) divided, further in 165 villages ( Muban ) are divided.

The city ( Mueang thesaban ) Sisaket includes the entire Tambon Mueang Nuea and Mueang Tai and parts of the tambon Nong Khrok, Phon Kha, Ya Plong and Pho.

There are also 16 " Tambon Administrative Organizations" ( TAO - administrative units ).

Note: The missing numbers refer to the Tambon, from which today consist Wang Hin and Phayu.