Mugodzhar Hills


The Baktibai


The up to 657 m high Mugodschar Mountains ( Kazakh Мұғалжар тауы, Muğaljar Tawi ) is the southern continuation of the Ural Mountains in Kazakhstan Aktobe region.

It extends in a north-south direction over a length of 200 km. Its width is 30 km. The highest mountain is the Great Baktibai.

The mountains located between the Uralknie, so the 90 ° bend of the river and thus the southern end of the Ural Mountains in Orsk, the north and the Northern Aral Sea in the south. There it runs within the Kazakh steppe in the southwest-northeast direction.

The mountain range forms part of the watershed between the Caspian Sea in the west and the remains of the Aral Sea and other endorheischen basin in the east. The Emba rises on the western slope of the Mugodschar Mountains. Your water flows towards the southwest to the Caspian Sea. Other rivers which have their origin in Mugodschar Mountains, are Or and Irgis.