Muhammad Zaidan

Muhammad Zaidan (born 10 December 1948 in Safed, Israel, † March 8, 2004 ), better known under the name Abu Abbas, the founder and leader of the Palestine Liberation Front was ( PLF). He is considered the mastermind of the kidnapping of the Italian luxury liner Achille Lauro on 7 October 1985.

Zaidan 1968 was the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command (PFLP - GC) led by Ahmad Jibril at. 1977, under the sign of growing tension between the PFLP - GC, the PLO and other factions of the Palestinians, he left the PFLP, as he rejected the Syrian intervention in the Lebanese civil war, and founded the PLF. This split later temporarily in three separate groups. Zaidans wing of the PLF shifted its headquarters to Tunisia.

Condemned Italy Zaidan in absentia to life imprisonment. On 15 April 2003 Abu Abbas was arrested near Baghdad; he died in U.S. custody in Iraq from the effects of heart disease.

  • Man
  • Palestinian
  • Born in 1948
  • Died in 2004
  • Member of the PLO