Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

Two hearts for Rani ( original: Mujhse Shaadi Karogi; Hindi: मुझसे शादी करोगी, mujhase Sadi Karogi, Urdu: مجھ سے شادی کروگی, literally: Will you marry me? ) Is a Bollywood comedy from 2004.


Samir has already as a child problems to keep his temper under control. As therefore leaves him his girlfriend, he decides to go to a place where he knows no one and hopes that thereby he never throws a tantrum. He goes to Goa, where he works as a lifeguard. He rents a room in the crazy Duggal. From his window he sees the pretty Rani and falls in love with her. In his attempts to get to know them closer, he comes from a faux pas to another. He forfeited it constantly with her father Dugraj Singh by any mishaps. Then Sunny pulls even in a room with a and has also made it apart to Rani. Sunny quickly manages to ingratiate himself with Rani's father and tries by all means to thwart Samir's plans. Samir has yet to get all the trouble, Rani yet, but seems by his actions only make the situation to worsen. At the end when he wants to give up, Sunny makes him still struggling and so he goes to the stadium and look for Sunny, but is nowhere to be found. He tried everything to get to the microphone and when he achieves this, he seeks Rani. He finds Rani and confesses his love for her and makes her a marriage proposal. She accepts him and comes down to it. Suddenly, after everyone clapped appears Sunny and also clap. He says that he is Samir's old classmate and proves to him that. They embrace. Rani and Samir marry.


  • IIFA Awards Best Comedian - Akshay Kumar
  • Best Art Direction - Roy Sharmishta