Mulan II

  • Mulan: Ming -Na
  • Mulan ( singing ): Lea Salonga
  • Mushu: Mark Moseley
  • Cri - Kee: Frank Welker
  • General Shang: BD Wong
  • The Emperor of China: Pat Morita
  • Princess Mei: Lucy Liu
  • Princess Su: Lauren Tom
  • Princess Ting-Ting: Sandra Oh

Mulan 2 is the sequel to the film Mulan and at the same time the 35th direct-to- video production of the Walt Disney Studios. The film was released in 2004. Was directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Coock.


The spirited celebrated as a heroine Mulan and General Shang to marry. Mulan's parents are finding that the two are very different, and give them two necklaces together the symbol of yin and yang arise, in order to point out that two different halves only can work together properly. A Message from the Emperor calls both Mulan and Shang emperor. Mulan is accompanied by two friends who hide in their saddlebag: Cri - Kee, the "lucky cricket ", and the dragon Mushu. Mushu has experienced by the ancestors of the family that after Mulan's wedding take over the ancestors of the husband the duties of the Guardian. This means for Mushu that he must take up his old job as a servant of the spirits again. That does not fit him, because he has long been accustomed to a luxury treatment. He decides the happy couple apart to accommodate, under the pretext that they are anyway not match and he wanted Mulan only prevent them from running in their misfortune. But Cri - Kee sees through Mushus selfish intentions and gets over it again and again in a quarrel with him.

Arrived in Beijing, the Emperor Mulan and Shang explained their mission, ie to escort his three daughters according to Qi Gong. The local princes should be married with the girl in order to create an alliance with Qi-Gong, which is too powerful that the Mongols would venture a robbery. Mulan does not agree with the idea of ​​an arranged marriage; also that the Emperor his own daughters sold so shocked. But of course it can not do anything. For the escort Shang selects three men from his old army: the grumpy and sometimes aggressive Yao, the gentle but greedy Chien -Po and the joker Ling The three had to find appropriate wives Insert a serious setback and looking up, to accompany Mulan and Shang. When they pick up late at night the princesses, Mulan must notice that Ting-Ting, Mei and Su have not even ever seen her fiance. In addition, Yao and Mei fall in love.

In the course of the trip also Chien -Po and Su come closer, but Ling advertises vain Princess Ting-Ting, which seems to be much more rigorous than the other two ensure observance of its obligations and completely humorless, which is why it literally blank jokes runs away. Mushu harassed Shang, wherever he can to make him stand in front of Mulan as a fool. This assumes, however, the very loose; she has no idea that Mushu is behind all this. Finally, there is an accident. The coach of the princesses falls down a waterfall. While all remain unharmed, but Shang is so irritated that he ( with secret tutoring from Mushu ) picks a fight with Mulan from the fence. But eventually they reconciled again. Mei suffers from their engagement and their obligations to the Kingdom, the Ting-Ting it points again and again. When she asks Mulan for advice, says this, that one is always bound only by his own heart. Mei argues then with Ting-Ting and writes a letter to her father that she wants to run away, to not marry the Prince of Qi Gong must. When her sisters discover the letter, Ting -Ting is initially angry, but then she comforts Mei. She says it is predestined for every princess to serve their country alone and better not to ask for more. But Mei and Su would rather be like all the other girls express themselves freely and be freed from all constraints. Finally, Ting-Ting is infected by it.

At night, the princesses sneak away with the soldiers that go with them to a village festival. There also turns out that Ting-Ting has humor very well, just do not like to laugh, because her laughter it's embarrassing. Ling, however, prevents the no doubt still to conquer the princess for himself. Meanwhile, Mushu has again provoked by a trick a fight. Shang shouting at the completely unsuspecting Mulan who is looking mad at him alone after the escaped wards. Mushu awakens then Shang on who finds the letter in the tent of the princesses and the expression used on the obligation to one's heart on Mulan pushes. In the village the soldiers he forbids further contact with the princesses and Mulan yells at such a way that they broke off his engagement. Mushu is thrilled about his success, but only briefly: Mushu is so depressed that he confessed under the pressure of his bad conscience.

Mulan is angry at Mushu, she wants to reconcile with Shang. But before that happens, they are ambushed by a troop Mongols. This attempt to kidnap Mei. When this fails, they cut through the cables of the bridge, on the still Mulan and Shang are. Shang asks Mulan for forgiveness and lets himself fall to allow her to return safely to the edge of the gorge. In desperation, Mulan decides that Shang's death should not be in vain: It goes without the princesses and without the soldiers to Qi Gong and claims before the Count, Ting -Ting, Mei and Su had died. To save the alliance, it offers itself as a bride to what is believed, because it is the greatest heroine of China. She will marry the eldest son of the Count; an immature, childish brat. But as she mourns the death of Shang, it is their matter. Also Mushu they can not comfort. You do not know that Shang has survived. He has taken the rest of the travel squad and is now on the way to Qi Gong, where he bursts into the wedding ceremony. Mulan is overjoyed to see him alive, but the Count orders to arrest Shang. Mushu knows that he owes something to both. He's hiding in the statue of the Great Dragon of Unity and pretends to be this. So he can defy the will of the ruler's frightened and dare Mulan and Shang in place with each other, without jeopardizing the alliance of China with Qi Gong. Only Mulan knows who she owes.

Home to Mushu adopted by the sweet life as a guardian, as Shang composed the temple of his family with Mulan's family temple. Mushu gets to keep his job as a guardian. From Mulan, he learns that Shang now knows everything about him, but that's okay, because now there is peace again between Mushu and Mulan.


  • Mulan (Language): Dasha Lehmann
  • Mulan ( singing ): Heike Gentsch
  • Captain Li Shang: John Berenz
  • Mushu: Otto Waalkes
  • Mei: Natasha Petz
  • Yao: Tommi Piper
  • Ting-Ting (Language): Anja Stadlober
  • Ting-Ting ( singing ): Marion Musiol
  • Ling: Wilfried autumn
  • Chien- Po: Markus Majowski
  • Ancestor: Horst lamp
  • Grandmother Fa: Luise Lunow
  • Fa Li: Inken summer
  • Fa Zhou: Bodo Wolf


" [ ... ] Still entertaining, if far serial and templates like manufactured as the hit movie. "

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The original dubbing of the first film spoke with in this film, except Eddie Murphy, Mushu in Mulan speaks in English. Murphy was replaced by Mark Moseley.