Muldenhammer is the name of a municipality in the Saxon Vogtland, which was created on 1 October 2009 by the merger of the previously independent municipalities dawn diamond ring, Tannenbergsthal and hammer bridge.


In GDR times, the VEB Maxhiitte Unterwellenborn entertained in the district of the mountain of God, the pioneer camp " Hanno Günther" for the children of his company employees.


Through council decisions in the three communities, the association with the joint management forest area Vogtland formed since 1994, in November 2008 the formation of a unified community was legitimized. A working group with representatives from all three municipalities decided in January 2009 for the name Muldenhammer to remember the former ironworks in ironworks. In the Arms design elements of all three locations are included: hammer and mallet represent Hammerbrücke, fresh hooks and Rising Sun dawn - diamond ring and the firs Tannenbergsthal. As a unifying element of the watercourse of the trough is additionally provided. The contract for the formation of the unified community, on May 28 2009 at Tannenberg Thaler mansion, which is provided as the seat of the municipal administration, signed.

In the community Muldenhammer live about 3600 inhabitants. The full-time mayor was set aside a municipal council with 18 members.

For Temporary Administrator of the municipality, the previous mayor of dawn diamond ring, Konrad Stahl, was appointed. For the election of Mayor Jürgen man (48.2% ) was able to prevail on February 21, 2010, 50.2 % of the vote against steel.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Argent, a solid, single-arched, black grooved red stone bridge, from growing two vanishing at the outer edge of green fir trees, interspersed with silver surrounded by an oval green diamond wreath crossed a black fresh hooks, hammers and mallets on a rising red sun with alternating straight and flamed rays, down three black waves. "

The coat of arms was designed by the Magdeburg Kommunalheraldiker Jörg Mantzsch 2009.