Mullard was a British manufacturer of electronic components. The original Mullard Radio Valve Co. Ltd.. was founded in 1920 by Stanley R. Mullard. In 1923 Mullard entered into a partnership with the Dutch electronics group Philips, who took over all the shares in Mullard in 1927.


Captain Stanley R. Mullard had initially developed tubes for the Admiralty and then became Managing Director of the Z Electric Lamp Co. In 1920 he founded the Mullard Radio in London Valve Co. Ltd. .. After the founding of the BBC in 1922, the demand for radio tubes in the UK to to handle it, Mullard 1923 went into partnership with Philips, who had in 1918 brought their first radio tube on the market. 1927 took over Philips Mullard then complete. In 1928, Mullard based on Philips patents the first pentode on the UK market.

More factories opened Mullard inter alia, in Mitcham (1929 ), Blackburn (end of 1930s ). Later Mullard also provided Semiconductors in Southampton and Stockport, Greater Manchester ago. The first products were germanium transistors ( OC50, OC51, tip transistors, OC70 and OC80 later in the glass case), then integrated circuits.

End of the 1980s united Philips semiconductor activities in the Philips Semiconductors division (now NXP Semiconductors), the (formerly regional) brands like Valvo, Mullard Signetics and were no longer used.

The IC factory in Southampton was closed in 2011, in the NXP factory in Manchester power semiconductors are produced today.

Historic Triode TDD4

Advertising in 1945

EL84 Mullard brand from the Russian production of Sovtek

Brand name

The Mullard brand continues to be used by the Russian Sovtek tube manufacturer. It offered variants of electron tubes of type ECC83 and EL34 under the name Mullard. The primary area of ​​application is tube amplifier such as guitar amps.