Mulliner Park Ward

Mulliner Park Ward was a coachbuilder in London. The company was born from the merger of the two companies coachbuilder HJ Mulliner & Co. and Park Ward. The Rolls- Royce daughter turned bodies for Rolls -Royce and Bentley models ago. 1991 Mulliner Park Ward Rolls -Royce has been integrated and is now a part of Bentley Motors Ltd. ..


Park Ward was acquired by Rolls- Royce in 1939, HJ Mulliner & Co. 1961. Rolls- Royce formed from two companies, the merged subsidiary " Mulliner Park Ward " and employed there in the top 750 employees. The premises were located in Hythe Road, Willesden. In its over 100 - year history the company designed countless classic car bodies and the name Mulliner Park Ward called after its closure in 1991 a division of Rolls- Royce. This remained until it was split from Rolls- Royce and Bentley so, and then Mulliner Park Ward was a division of Bentley.