Multi Chrome is a multi-GPU technology from S3 Graphics for load balancing the computational work on multiple graphics chips. The method was first used for the coupling of multiple graphics cards with Chrome S27 graphics chips.

The following graphics cards support multi- Chrome: Chrome S25, Chrome S27, Chrome 430 GT, Chrome 440 GTX, Chrome 530 GT, Chrome 540 GTX

Modes of operation

MultiChrome currently offers two modes:

  • Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR )
  • Split Frame Rendering (SFR )

Chips / cards support MultiChrome

The following graphic chips support MultiChrome:

  • Chrome S20 series
  • Chrome 400 Series
  • Chrome 500 Series

There are at least two of the same cards needed.

Techniques: Alternate Frame Rendering | BitFluent Protocol | Crossfire | Multi - Rendering | MultiChrome | Scalable Link Interface | Scan Line Interleave

Operating / procedure: Alternate Frame Rendering | Parallel Graphics Configuation | Scan Line Interleave | Split Frame Rendering | SuperTiling

  • Image synthesis