Multimedia library

In a library ( media center also ) can media of various types used, borrowed or bought. Here there are two main uses of the name have been established:

  • On one hand, libraries developed by the inclusion of other media - on their characteristic book inventory also - and now also offer movies, music CDs, computer games and board games.
  • On the other hand, expanded video stores their offer - on the industry-standard media VHS and DVD out - for music CDs (nowadays, however, is only the sale of Used or New items allowed), computer games, etc. from.

Meanwhile, the term is also used for on-line archives, collect the media and make them accessible. This includes radio and television with video on demand and other providers. ARD and ZDF provide in their media libraries (ARD Learning Centre, The First: library, ZDFmediathek ) and Web -first publishing it a. Another important library is the BBC iPlayer, its audio content worldwide and video content in the UK available. Common to all services that they make available both a surface for playing media and browsing of the stock.

In the network media libraries to archives, libraries, museums and other institutions have joined together gather the audiovisual media and make it accessible.

In addition, some media centers have specialized, such as the sports media library Magglingen the Federal Office of Sport in Switzerland or the Language Centre Meran in South Tyrol.