Multiple-criteria decision analysis

The Multi Criteria Analysis ( MCA), German as multi-criteria decision analysis is a class of methods for the analysis of decision-making or action possibilities in the context of decision theory. The different methods of MCA are characterized by the fact that they use no single overriding criterion, but a variety of different criteria to recycle options or alternatives for decision making.

Single method

Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP )

The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP ) was developed by mathematician Thomas L. Saaty 1980. The AHP operates hierarchically, as it brings the decision criteria in a strictly hierarchical structure.

Basically follows the AHP following steps:

Cost-benefit analysis

The cost-benefit analysis (NWA ) was developed by Christof Zangemeister 1970. The action alternatives should be ordered here according to the preferences of a decision maker. The preferences are aggregated on the indication of utility values ​​, each with a total value of an alternative.