Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation ( MBC) is one of the three largest radio station in South Korea.


In 1959, the radio station Busan Munhwa Bang Song ( Busan Cultural Broadcasting Corporation ) was founded in Busan. The radio station was Hwan Jeong -ok and Kim Sang -yong. Jeong Kim suggested to set up a radio station; at that time dominated the South Korean radio transmitter Japanese. On April 15, 1959 MBC was the first private radio station in South Korea.

From the outset, the station had to deal with financial problems. In September 1959, MBC was sold to Kim Ji -tae, the owner of the Busan Daily. Kim saved the transmitter and advanced MBC 1961 at a station in Seoul.

However, accusing Park Chung -hee Kim corruption. In May 1962 he gave both his station and his newspaper from the May 16 Scholarship Foundation. On August 8, 1969, the station began to broadcast television. With Chun Doo -hwan as president changed the South Korean media and politics as 1980 many radio and television stations were closed. MBC was taken over by the government. 1981 70 % of the shares in MBC were taken over by the public broadcasters KBS.

1987, came to South Korea to democratic reforms and MBC was again a private station without government influence. In 2011, the channel had about 4,000 employees.

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