Municipal arrondissements of France

A municipal district (plural: Arrondissements municipaux ) called in France a city district of a big city. This form of administration is not associated with the French arrondissement.

In France, there are only three cities arrondissements municipaux: The 20 arrondissements of Paris, the 16 arrondissements of Marseille and the nine arrondissements of Lyon. Already in 1795 created the first arrondissement in Paris. At that time the city consisted of only twelve arrondissements, since 1859, there are today's districts. In Lyon, the arrondissements in 1852 emerged - but have changed since then - they exist in Marseille since 1946, where the participation by so-called sectors (French Secteurs ), which were introduced later occurs. . The two arrondissements form a sector in Marseille.

Each municipal district has a Mairie and a Municipal Council ( Conseil municipal). Their main task is to scrutinize relevant decisions at the city council for the District. For the district belonging to the district, the Council for the district may also establish individual councils. In this Conseils de quartier citizens can participate directly in politics.

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