Municipal Liberia

AD Municipal Liberia is a football club from Liberia, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, which currently plays in the second highest league in the country, the Liga de Ascenso Segunda División -.


AD Municipal Liberia (1977-2007)

On 7 June 1977, the Asociación Deportiva Municipal Liberia, was briefly AD Municipal Liberia, founded to represent the city of Liberia in footballing terms. In the early years, Liberia played mainly in amateur leagues, but later in the Liga de Ascenso Segunda División -.

After the club management had reorganized the mid-90s, it was sporty piece by piece uphill. 1999 and 2000, Liberia lost the final of the second division, but in 2001 Liberia was able to defeat in the final AD Ramonense and thus rose to the Primera División de Costa Rica.

Mario Sotela era (2007-2011)

Liberia Mía CF (2007-2009)

At the beginning of the season 2007/ 08, the public club AD Municipal Liberia divided the professional team from under the model of a corporation to which the club retained 10 % of the shares and the remaining 90 % sold to the businessman Mario Sotela, the team in Liberia Mía CF renamed. Liberia Mía is a nod to Africa Mía, a zoo owned by Sotela located outside of Liberia and in which only African animals exhibited.

Under Sotela been involved in sports piece by piece uphill. For the 2008/2009 season back Sotela bought many expensive players from other clubs, reaching the championship win in May 2009.

Águilas Guanacastecas CF ( 2010)

From that moment on Liberia Mía CF went the brook down Sotela had completely expended, the club was in extreme debt to players, staff, insurance, transport companies, etc. Between October 2009 and January 2010 dismissed Sotela some players and other employee and reduced the remaining players up to 70 % of the content.

For Verano 2010 Sotela changed towards the end of January 2010 the name of the association in Águilas CF Guanacastecas order to " identify with football fans all over the province of Guanacaste " in this way. He also wanted in two other cities of Guanacaste, Nicoya and Santa Cruz, home a matches, but this was forbidden him from the city of Liberia, which is still owned 10% of the club. So Águilas CF Guanacastecas continued to play as since 1977 at the Estadio Edgardo Baltodano, which no longer has long met the requirements of a Erstligaspielstätte. At one of Sotela initially planned new building it never came.

Case Águilas CF Guanacastecas CD Barrio México

In advance of the season 2010/11 did Mario Sotela, majority owner of the now heavily indebted Águilas CF Guanacastecas, the franchise to the second division CD Barrio México sell and go in the season 2010/11 in the second division at the start. This swap, only a week before the start of the season, but was forbidden by the FEDEFUTBOL, as had already worked out the exact participation and competition regulations and the board in both local league organizations ( UNAFUT, LIACSE ) and franchise sales are only possible before the rubber stamp of the various regulations.

So Sotela and Minor Vargas, majority owner of CD Barrio México, continue to keep the two franchises in each league, but the board, the players decided to inscribe the stadium, etc. of the other clubs and thus to replace the franchise.

CD Barrio México, which now plays in the Primera División, changed the name of the franchise once in CD Barrio México order, but the Liga de Ascenso forbade Águilas CF Guanacastecas also rename their new franchise. Thus, although the Águilas run on the jerseys of their team colors, but with the name CD Barrio México.

Thus, there are both in the first and in the second division a club by the name of CD Barrio México, where the real Barrio México now plays in the first and the Águilas named Barrio México in the second division. The press calls the Águilas Águilas but despite everything.

Águilas CF (2010-2011)

The press name for the now officially playing under the name CD Barrio México Águilas Guanacastecas CF changed Sotela before the start of the season still in Águilas CF to, as he moved the club from Liberia to Heredia and the club therefore nothing longer linking the province of Guanacaste. The relocation of the club seat was because the city of Liberia, still holder of 10% of the club, no interest was to participate in the renovation or a new construction of the stadium. New home is the Estadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero, which is owned by the CS Herediano, Club Sotelas mother, Roxie blennorrhcea is located.

Exclusion from UNAFUT

After several meetings, discussions and investigations of the case, the members of the UNAFUT voted at an extraordinary general meeting on 1 March 2011 for the franchise of Liberia Mía, used by CD Barrio México, excluded with immediate effect. The others games of the club counted with 0:3 and maintained the rest of the game operation. The last placed increased in spite of the exclusion of Barrio México from the second division; the excluded franchise is excluded completely from professional football (1st and 2nd league).

AD Municipal Liberia ( since 2011 )

Having stood the Águilas after the 2010/11 season without franchise and Sotelas 90 % of the club were virtually worthless, decided Sibaja Manrique, President of AD Municipal Liberia, the club which 10 % belonged to the Águilas, a franchise in the Liga de Ascenso - Segunda División to buy. Eventually the club AD Desamparados, who played only one year in the league said to buy some of the franchise. So Liberia remains a second-division club obtained which 100 % owned by the public sports club and also named AD Municipal Liberia goes to the start.


Master of Costa Rica: ( 1x) Verano 2009


AD Municipal Liberia plays its home games at the municipal stadium of Liberia, the Estadio Edgardo Baltodano, which has a capacity of about 9000 spectators.

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