Municipal Services Standards Committee

The Standards Committee Municipal Services ( NKT) is a collection of several working committees that deal in the context of the standardization work with the national standards in the field of waste management and public cleansing. The NKT is one of 71 standards committees of the German Institute for Standardization.


The Standards Committee Municipal Services was founded on November 26, 1968 in Frankfurt am Main on the initiative of representatives of the waste management industry and the manufacturing industry. Before the foundation of the Standards Committee Municipal Services, the individual technical guidelines have been designed in various loosely organized labor bodies and individual organizations. Examples are the sales promotion (now VKS in the VKU ) or VPS eV ( BDE today eV).

A first task for the committee was the systematization and codification of the terminology specific to municipal engineering terms. This was followed dimensional standards for waste containers and for beds of waste collection vehicles, then were added technical and safety descriptions for refuse collection vehicles, street cleaning and winter maintenance vehicles.

Standard areas

Standardization activities to be set for the following areas and areas: acquisition, collection, transportation, storage, handling and treatment of solid and liquid waste as well as for street cleaning, road maintenance and winter services.


The Standards Committee Municipal Services is divided today into five departments with a total of twelve national working committees as well as two European Committee.

  • Department 1 "Basics"
  • Department 2 "container"
  • Division 3 " vehicles "
  • Division 4 " plants "
  • Division 5 "EDP "

The body of standards (as of 2008 ) of the NKT consists of:

  • 67 DIN standards (including 27 DIN-EN-N Ormen )
  • 18 DIN standard designs (including 14 European draft standards )
  • 1 DIN Technical Report
  • 33 ongoing projects (including 27 European projects)