Municipalities of Montenegro

The list of communities in Montenegro offers an overview of the development of the population of the larger towns and all municipalities in Montenegro.

Municipalities by population

Montenegro is in 21 (large) municipalities ( opstine, Sg Opština ) divided. These include each next to the eponymous town of the community and its environment with other places. In the following, all municipalities with the results of the censuses ( VZ ) from March 31, 1981 March 31, 1991, November 1, 2003 and April 2011 are listed. Listed are the area and population density of the communities.

Cities by population

The following table lists all cities with more than 2000 inhabitants, whose name in German and transcription in Cyrillic as well as the results of the censuses ( VZ ) of 31 March 1981 31 March 1991 and November 1, 2003 as well as a calculation for the first January 2008. Listed is the community to which the site belongs. The inhabitants numbers refer to the respective settlement in the strict sense, not in the city or town in the political sense.

( VZ = census, B = calculation)