Municipality of Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora ( German: Kronau, translated: Krainer mountains ) is a municipality in the Upper Carniola in the extreme north -west of Slovenia. The community has about 5,000 inhabitants (2004); live in the central town even 1403 inhabitants ( 2002). Kranjska Gora is situated on the top Wurzener Save ( Slow: Sava Dolinka ), the main source of the Sava river, between the western foothills of the Karawanken in the north and the central Julian Alps in the south. For Austrian-Slovenian border area with the Wurzenpass is about two and a half, to the Italian border at Rateče five kilometers away. To the south of Kranjska Gora are the Werschetzpass and the Municipality of Bovec.

The municipality covers the entire upstream Savetal to the tri-border region. Rateče ( Ratschach ) and the known from the Ski Flying Planica ago ( Ratschach mats ) are also included. In the south of the municipality, the mountains rise to up to well over 2000 meters; the famous peaks there are Prisojnik ( 2574 m) and Škrlatica ( 2740 m).

Kranjska Gora is best known as a resort and winter sports resort. Since 1961, the municipality organized the Vitranc Cup ski racer with the giant slalom and slalom. Between 1961 and 2006, the ice hockey club HK Kranjska Gora played in the top division of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, respectively.

Kranjska Gora has had since the 1870s, a station on the railway line from Ljubljana to Tarvisio. The train no longer runs since March 31, 1966; the entire rail network was dismantled Rateče ( Ratschach ) to Jesenice ( Aßling ). In its place came a paved bike path. By the end of the Habsburg Empire the town belonged to the crown land of Carniola Kranjska Gora where an independent municipality in the judicial district Kronau ( political district Radmannsdorf ) formed and was the seat of the District Court.

Kranjska Gora has been twinned with the Belgian municipality Waasmunster.


  • Belca, (German: " Fellinz " )
  • Dovje, (German: " Lange field in the Upper Carniola " )
  • Gozd Martuljek, (German: "Forest in the Upper Carniola " )
  • Kranjska Gora (German: " Kronau " )
  • Log, (German: " Loog at Kronau " )
  • Mojstrana (English: " Masters in Upper Carniola " )
  • Rateče, (German: " Ratschach " )
  • Srednji vrh, (German: " Mitter mountain")
  • Radovna (German: " Oberroth wine " )


  • Dejan Kosir (* 1973), Snowboarder