Munzee is a geocaching scavenger hunt - like adventure game, must be found in the world's marked places. Behind the game is a freemium business model.

The places are marked by other players via QR code stickers or weatherproof stickers, which are called Munzees. For found Munzees receives both the place and the hiding player points. The QR- codes on the Munzees be read at the site using a special smartphone app. Both the coordinates of the Munzees and the data of the other players are managed through a central platform games.


The term Munzee (pronounced Mansie ) was derived from the German word coin. Since was already occupied for the central gaming platform, ae was easy once attached.

GPS position

The coordinates of all the world yielded Munzees are administered centrally on the gaming platform On this platform, a map can be called up, which represents the Munzees at the corresponding locations. This map can also be displayed on the smartphone app that displays next to the Munzees also own current GPS position. This way you can find the exact location of a Munzees easily. In addition, one can imagine the nearest Munzees in tabular form, sorted by distance, can be displayed.

Read in

If you have a Munzee found, you can using the smartphone's camera and the app to read the QR code ( capture). The QR code is a reference to the management of this Munzee on the central gaming platform. The app checks the current coordinates and reports the Munzee found the gaming platform, whereupon the latter, points awarded both the Finder and the player who hid the Munzee.

And material properties

Munzees can be made of any material, they only need to have a QR code and physically to the terms of the mounting location correspond (waterproof, weatherproof, etc.).

Munzees themselves can be generated and printed or ordered from the webshop of the gaming platform for consideration either. Munzees from the webshop are particularly suitable because they are delivered robust and weatherproof. There are Munzees plastic or magnetic Munzees available. If you want to generate Munzees yourself or order in the web shop, you have to be registered there on the central platform games with their individual user name. When generating a Munzees the platform generates a web link, is managed through the later the generated Munzee. This web link is represented as a QR code on the Munzee. As the Munzee properties can be assigned a meaningful name and an arbitrarily long comment. Both are on the central platform (not in the QR code ) and can be changed at any time later.


After a Munzee is physically present, it is put on by the person hiding somewhere in the field and then read by a smartphone app for the first time (deployed ). The current GPS coordinates of Munzee be reported to the central platform games and shown immediately as another Munzee on the maps.

Munzee types

This Munzee types are represented differently on the map:

  • Normal Munzee: The original form of Munzees. A QR code that can be read by the app. There are 5 points.
  • Mystery Munzee: This type can be read like a normal Munzee. For the finder there for a random score between 5 and 50 points. This Munzees are offered in the web store and are always available only in limited numbers.
  • Virtual Munzee: This is no real Munzee with QR code is available. It is only virtually visible on the map. May be reading this kind of Munzee by going to the details of Virtual Munzee in the smartphone app and there press the button " Capture Virtual." One must be within a radius of 300 feet / approx. 91 meters to the Virtual Munzee are. This type of Munzee can not generate itself, but must be purchased for $ 5 in the web store. You also get 4 pieces when you get a premium member. This Munzees can then be distributed anywhere on the map.
  • Business Munzee: are intended as advertising for companies. This Munzees may be unlike any other every day once read ( for every 22 hours). The first time there for 5 points - loud announcement - after any further 1 point. Currently, each scan but is rewarded with 1 point, even the first. A business Munzee is free to get it, maybe a trade must be proved.
  • NFC Munzee: When an NFC Munzee it is not QR- code, but an NFC chip to be found. NFC ( Near Field Communication ) is a wireless data transmission technology that only works over short distances. In order to read such a Munzee, special Smartphones are needed. NFC Munzees can be purchased in the web-shop, but it is also possible to use your own NFC tags. However, you must be at least Type 2 tags, as only in this type locking of the information stored against overwriting is possible.
  • Maintenance Munzee: These are Munzees that were at least twice not found or are destroyed. Thus it is indicated that the Munzee needs maintenance and the owner of Munzees should take care of it. After 30 days, such Munzee are automatically removed and are no longer visible on the map.
  • Special Munzee: there are special Munzees to get its own icon on the map depending on the Action On certain occasions (holidays, events, or just for fun). For reading a Special Munzee there is a higher reward of mostly 50 points.
  • Locationless Munzee: This Munzees are not tied to a fixed location, but can appear anywhere and be loaded. They are, for example, hidden on sites in the web store or in any video or could also products such as Heinz Ketchup be printed. Can generate such Munzees only the operators of the gaming platform. Stand January 2013, there are ten such Munzees. Deployed made ​​Munzees the user Munzee and lead his Deployed list. Using the evidence from the Munzee notes, search engines and some sleuthing, it is possible to detect these Munzees.
  • Social Munzee: On 27 February 2013, the Social Munzee was presented. This Munzees are not tied to a fixed location, but can be read by any player anywhere. This type of Munzee can not generate itself, but must be purchased for $ 5 in the web store. For the laying out and reading, there are no points. There are no requirements to use this Munzee type, currently this Munzees are published mainly in forums, on Twitter and on Facebook.
  • Munzee Quiz: The Quiz Munzee is a type of munzee the munzee on a standard or virtual munzee type munzee capturing the person successfully to answer a question before it requires award points can be activated.


Currently (as of August 2013) are already deployed worldwide over 646,000 Munzees and has been registered over 4.8 million discoveries. They focus mainly on USA (~ 35%), Germany (~ 30 % ), England ( ~ 7 %), Canada (~ 7% ) and Australia ( ~ 4%). Some are attached to very exotic places. For example, there is a Munzee middle of a ferry route between Schlüttsiel and Hooge on the high seas. In this case, you would have to hope when reading that the ferry takes exactly the same route. However, this seems to be the case, since the Munzee "# 53 MS Eagle Mobile Munzee " currently the weekly high score leads with 63 scans.

Comparison with Geocaching: Pros and Cons

  • Because a Munzee is attached as weatherproof sticker that coverts are limited to smooth surfaces, which hiding and searching much easier.
  • By making use of the now more widespread QR- code of the sticker is pretty unremarkable, even if it is mounted on publicly viewable surfaces.
  • In contrast to Geocaching, where the distance between caches must be about 160m ( 0.1 miles ), should this be the Munzees only 16m.
  • When Geocaching new caches are checked on some listing sites by reviewers to comply with the rules and, if called for changes. This is done not with the Munzee.
  • A Munzee is less expensive, so the sticker can be attached quickly, are logged and logged without comment.
  • A Munzee is often used commercially.

For geocachers Munzee therefore is also known as caching for beginners and gamers.