Mure (Kagawa)

Mure (Japanese牟 礼 町, -chō ) was a town in Kita-gun in the Japanese prefecture of Kagawa in Japan.


Mure (牟 礼 村, -mura ) was born on February 15, 1890 a Mura in Miki -gun. This closed on March 16, 1899, Yamada -gun Kita -gun together. On January 1, 1962, the appointment was made for Chō.

With the incorporation on 10 January 2006 to Takamatsu, the administrative seat of the prefecture, Mure has become a neighborhood.


  • Japan Mure ( Nagano )
  • United States Elberton ( Georgia) ( since 1983)
  • Place in Kagawa Prefecture
  • Former church in Japan
  • Location seaport