Murray Hill (New Jersey)

Murray Hill is the name of an unincorporated territory ( Unincorporated Area) in the north- eastern part of the U.S. state of New Jersey.


Murray Hill is located partly in the area of the township Berkeley Heights and in part on the territory of the city of New Providence in Union County.


Murray Hill in New Jersey was founded and named by Carl H. Schultz. He acted in a big way with mineral water - originally in Murray Hill in Manhattan on First Avenue and 25th Street and 26th Street. In New Jersey, he had finally bought in the 1880s, a large piece of land where he built a home for his family as well as some comfortable houses for his employees. After Schultz was moved from Murray Hill in Manhattan here, he decided the name for this area in New Jersey to use. His children built near his property whose homes, where today only a few of the usprünlichen Victorian houses are preserved.

But there is another explanation, as the area for the name " Murray Hill " has come: The Bell Laboratories were before moving to New Jersey in 1941 in Murray Hill in Manhattan. But even after moving their workers spoke further of " Murray Hill Bell Labs " and should therefore have given the area its new name.


In Murray Hill to CR Bard, Inc., a company that specializes in the manufacture of surgical instruments, the U.S. headquarters of Linde AG and the longtime headquarters of Bell Laboratories is (now part of Alcatel -Lucent ).