Murray (Utah)

Salt Lake County


Murray is a city in Utah.


In 1847 the Mormons arrived in the basin of the Salt Lake. 1848 came the Mississippi Saints, more Mormon pioneers, and settled further south than the others in the present territory of Murray, which then bore the name Mississippi Ward, Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood and South Cottonwood and has been cultivated for agriculture.

1869 two ore deposits have been found, so that in 1870 were built in furnaces Murray on the railroad. 1870, the South Cottonwood Post Office was opened.

1880-1886 Eli Houston Murray was governor of Utah. According to him, in 1883 the South Cottonwood Post Office to Murray Post Office renamed.

After riots in 1901 founded the local newspaper editor, an initiative to establish a community with its own administration, which in 1902 received a vote in the majority. C. L. Miller became the first Mayor of Murray.

Well-known residents