Museo Carmen Funes

The Museo Municipal Carmen Funes in Plaza Huincul in the province of Neuquén, Argentina is a founded in 1984 for its dinosaur exhibits well-known natural history museum, especially for a replica and bones of Argentinosaurus huinculensis (found 1989 eight kilometers east of the city ), the largest sauropod ever found. The museum was founded by the paleontologist Rodolfo Coria and named after Carmen Funes.

The Province of Neuquen in Patagonia, in which the museum is located, is known not only for their discoveries, but also as richest dinosaur locality of South America. Here also the first dinosaur found in South America in 1883.

Other exhibits include the earliest known sauropod embryos in Patagonia ( Auca Mahuevo ) were found in a fossil nest and a replica of Giganotosaurus carolinii, the largest ever found predatory dinosaur, found in 1993 and exhibited at the City Museum of Villa El Chocón. Coria was the excavator of the Giganotosaurus and was also one of the first to describe ( with José Fernando Bonaparte ) of Argentinosaurus.

Even a replica of the largest ichthyosaur found in South America is issued ( Caypullisaurus bonapartei ).

The museum also displays exhibits on local history, ethnology and archeology.