Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart

The music in past and present ( MGG ) is one of the most comprehensive music encyclopedias in the world.

The first, published in 1949-1987 edition is considered the most important German-language musicological standard work after the Second World War. 1989 published a paperback edition, 2001, an electronic edition with page concordance to the print version. It was published by Friedrich Blume.

Individual articles were published in expanded form in paperback under the name MGG prism.

The second, completely revised, edited by Ludwig Finscher edition is a joint project of the Barenreiter Verlag in Kassel and J.- B.- Metzler Verlag in Stuttgart. It consists of a ten-volume property, part (including index volume; 1994-1999; over 1,500 articles ) and a seventeen volume persons part ( 1999-2007; 18,000 items ). In addition, a substance not contained in the continuation register tape for persons unit is available, a supplementary volume was published in May 2008.

Band division of the 1st edition

Band division of the 2nd edition