The music market is a journal of the music industry. The magazine is published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as numerous other countries.

The first issue was published on 15 July 1959, and was published from 1959 to 2004 from the Keller Verlag in Starnberg. Since 2004, the music market GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the cellar in Munich publisher and editor of the music market.

Content and target group

Music market is published weekly and contains every week the German top 100 albums and singles charts. In addition, other national and international charts are published, such as the top 30 jazz charts (weekly and monthly). The magazine contains news from the recorded music and live entertainment industry including interviews and new product introductions of CDs and DVDs.

The music magazine, together with the Association of German Konzertdirektionen eV since 2005 co-sponsor in the award of the Music Prize of the Association of German Konzertdirektionen, which is awarded annually to alternately artists from the region of the U - and E- music.

Music market online is the web portal of the music market. This was visual and content completely revised in June 2010. After the relaunch, the site included a dictionary of artists and a gallery as well as the music charts Market Sector Handbook, an address guide with addresses of concert agencies, recording studios, record companies and other addresses from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.