Mutt (email client)

Mutt ( English for " mutt " ) is a lightweight, text-based e -mail program for Unix and other Unix -like operating systems. It is subject to the GNU General Public License ( GPL). Mutt works in text mode and is thus in text windows, on consoles and computers with ssh or telnet can be used in many environments. Other media and formats than text are supported by simple Aufrufbarkeit independent programs to their specific processing.

Its use is entirely keyboard controlled, so some getting used to for the user graphical interfaces, but very well documented. Mutt is highly configurable and comes with large volumes of e -mail, thanks to some useful functions for this excellent deal, including sorting by Ursprungs-/Antwort-E-Mail ( threading ) and rule-based value marking ( scoring ). Cryptographic software such as GnuPG and OpenSSL ( for S / MIME) to encrypt and sign e -mails can be used by mutt. Corresponding configuration options, output, and keyboard shortcuts are integrated. As an option, Mutt with support for multilingual Unicode character set in UTF -8 compile and continues to be a modern program for e -mail communication.

Mutt got together in 2004 with KMail by Linux New Media AG, the Linux New Media Award in the category "Best mail client ." Michael Elkins created the software in 1995.

The motto of Mutt is " All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less " ( German: ". Annoy all mail programs, this annoying little less here ". . )