MV Claymore 2


  • Isibane (1998-2009)
  • Konrad Meisel (1968-1998)

IMO 6815691 MNZ 133693

The Claymore II is a cargo and passenger ship, which has been used since 2009 for the supply of Pitcairn Island. Previously, the ship of 1968 as buoy tender Konrad Meisel and from 1998 to 2009 in South Africa as Isibane in service until 1998.


The ship was built at the New Jadewerft in Wilhelmshaven ( hull number 113) in 1968 and as provided Konrad Meisel for the Water and Shipping Authority Cuxhaven in service. After 30 years of use of the buoy tender was replaced in 1998 by the multi-purpose vessel Neuwerk and decommissioned.

In the same year the sale to South Africa and renamed Isibane made ​​. Two years later acquired the Zonnekus Pty Mansion. Ltd. the ship and let it register with the same name in Panama, based in Cape Town.

The New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd. Stoney Creek. bought the boat in August 2009 and had it in September 2009 in Tauranga register as a Claymore II. Since then, the ship is a year for four supply trips from New Zealand to Pitcairn and for eight ferry routes between Mangareva and Pitcairn under contract. In addition to this fixed schedule the Claymore II is also available for other charter trips available.

Pitcairn charter

The Claymore II is the only regular connection to Pitcairn Island, where there is no harbor and no airport. The vessel must each in the Bounty Bay anchor and passed both freight and passengers on two approximately twelve meters long aluminum boats ( named after the wreck of the Bounty ). These motorized Surfboats, designated by the Pitcairnern themselves as " longboats " bring the charge then the only landing site of the rocky island. A stamp of the Pitcairn Islands shows the Claymore II transhipment of cargo.

For the supply of goods of the island and its inhabitants, the Claymore II commutes every three months between Pitcairn and the 2,815 nautical miles away Tauranga.

Passengers must first reach the nearest airfield to the Gambier Islands and are then brought to the main island of Mangareva by boat. There they are taken on the pier of Rikitea by the crew in reception and quartered in the six double cabins on the lower deck. Additional passenger facilities are located on Deck 3 The Claymore II runs on a set schedule and needs for the nearly 300 -nautical mile voyage to Bounty Bay for 32 hours at a cruising speed of 9.5 knots.

Sister ships

On the New Jadewerft and Norderwerft three buoy tender this type were built:

  • Otto Treplin ( Jadewerft / Yard No. 101), 1966-2002 Water and Shipping Authority Kiel and since 2008 Reederei Norden - Frisia.
  • Gustav Meyer ( Jadewerft / Yard No. 103), 1967 Water and Shipping Authority Emden.
  • Bruno Illing ( Norderwerft / hull number 864) 1968-2013 Water and Shipping Authority Bremerhaven