Mwangwego alphabet

The Mwangwego font is the Abugidaalphabet the languages ​​of Malawi as the official language, Chichewa.

The Mwangwegoschrift was conceptualized on 10 November 1977 by Nolence Mwangwego after he found the evidence that there was a writing system before the violent arrival of the Europeans and the contact with the peoples of present-day Malawi in Malawi.

Indigenous writing systems

The proof of a writing system before the European conquest based on the Bantu languages ​​, which are spoken in the region. To index the verbs Kulemba and Kusimba which mean in Chichewa and respectively Kyandonde "write" that there was a writing system in Malawi already. In addition petroglyphs were treated with various symbols found in Malawi.


The Mwangwego font was officially introduced in 1979. The writing system is composed of indigenous -based icons that were created 1979-1997 by Mwangwego.

Use and Reception

The font was officially introduced in 2003 and slowly replaced by a following in Malawi. There are public readings, fairs and exhibitions held in academic institutions and the writing is also taught. In 2003, the Malawian Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Mr. was. Kamangadazi Chambalo, is quoted as saying:

" The Mwangwego font has made history in itself. Regardless of how it will be accepted in the state-wide public, the writing is destined to enter the annals of our history as a remarkable invention. "

Scientific literary subjects

The first person who has learned by Mwangwego the Mwangwego font, Mwandipa Chimaliro was. Ten other students learned in the same year the writing and proceeded to teach the scripture other.

Writing club

In 2007, over 10,000 Mwangweo students formed the Mwangwego Club whose membership is open for those who have learned the Scripture is.


Nolence Mwangwego Moses is a Malawian born in Zambia linguist and font developers. Hr. Mwangwego was born on 1 July 1951 at the district Mwinilunga of Zambia. He comes from the place Yaphet Mwakasungula, in the territory of the High Chief Kyungu in the district of Karonga. Hr. Mwangwego was due to his writing services on 29 December 1997 declared the mayor Yaphet Mwakasungula IV. He dominated orally and in writing Chewa, Tumbuka, Kyangonde, English, French and Portuguese. He is currently working as a teacher of French in the French Cultural Centre in Blantyre.

He is married to Ellen Kalobekamo and has four children.