The Caterpillar Energy Solutions (formerly MWM, or Deutz Power Systems ) is an engineering company based in Mannheim. Caterpillar Energy Solutions is a provider of decentralized energy generation plants based on gas and diesel engines from Cat and MWM (for motor Werke Mannheim ).

Focus of production are aggregates (gas and diesel engines ) for producing electrical energy 400-4300 kWe per unit. Rooms are available complete solutions (consulting, design, engineering ), the complete construction and commissioning of the system and the service (worldwide customer service, maintenance and repair of facilities).


In 1922, the Department for the construction of stationary engines, which was founded in 1883 Benz & Cie.. Rheinische gas engine factory in Mannheim spun under the name Motor Werke Mannheim. Technical Director in the year was the founder of the German engineer Prosper L'Orange, a pioneer in diesel engine technology, previously filed with the company Benz & Cie. worked. Core business of the MWM were particularly diesel engines, including for commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery.

1924 began with the manufacture of its own tractor which was named Motor horse. Production of this tractor ended in 1931. Both Combines the company Claas tractors by the French manufacturer Renault and German tractors brands Fendt, Lanz, Bautz, Holder and Ritscher were for a long time with MWM engines equipped.

1926 acquired the company Knorr-Bremse AG, the majority shareholder. In 1985 she sold to MWM Deutz AG (Cologne), the site was preserved. Until recently, the company was next to MAN and Klöckner- Humboldt -Deutz ( KHD) the most important engine manufacturer in the field of commercial diesel engines in Germany. Deutz resulted in Mannheim by several restructuring and built the gas engine business from. In August 2007 Deutz sold the company for 360 million euros to the financial investor 3i and October 1, 2008 was renamed the Deutz Power Systems order to MWM. 3i sold the MWM to Caterpillar in October 2011. On November 1, 2013, the MWM GmbH was renamed Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH. The MWM brand but continued.

In rankings for sales of motor- driven thermal power stations in Germany for the years 2010 and 2011 Caterpillar Energy Solutions reached (then as MWM ) are respectively the first place.