MX (newspaper)

MX is a free evening newspaper in the Australian cities Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Thought it is for commuters in public transport and thus usually found at bus or tram stops. Also in the city center there are delivery points.

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On 6 February 2001, the first mX in Melbourne was produced in the hope of being able to build on the success in Metro International in Europe. The newspaper is more than designed for entertainment to serious news and thus contains more sensational reports and "light" news like sports news.

Melbourne Express from the rival media group Fairfax Media was initially the adversary of mX and was one day in advance, ie founded on 5 February 2001. Initially both had newspapers in the same format, even if it was in the morning than in the evening rarely sold. Thanks to the improved color scheme and the looser tone is mX could finally say, so that Melbourne Express on 7 September of the same year stopped sales.

The great success of mX at the expense of the Herald Sun, another evening paper, so this was taken from the evening program. Only on special occasions the mX is published in the evening.

Sydney and Brisbane

After the great success of mX in Melbourne soon followed successors in Sydney and Brisbane. On 4 July 2005 they introduced the mX in Sydney. Meanwhile, the city council of Sydney has announced the pedestrian zones for $ 362,000 annually to News Corporation for rent. This led to protests among other newsagents and publishing houses such as Green Left Weekly, who fear also having to pay money.


An edition of mX in Brisbane was first published on 5 March 2007 with 40,000 copies daily.

Format and Content

Since it is intended for the transport, the mX is much thinner than other newspapers. Due to the smaller format, it is easier to read the newspaper in transport. The news usually consist of headlines and short additions. Policy is very short, it is dominated by stars, starlets, Trendy, curious and a bit of sport.


  • News - Weather Forecast for the next day
  • Sports - Behind the News
  • Brainwave - inter alia Sudoku
  • Talc
  • Flicks - the evening Movies
  • The box - evening program on TV
  • Program - also evening program on TV ( 18.00-24.00 )
  • City Beat - Music
  • Goss & glam - Entertainment for Women
  • Quickie - Short interview with VIP's
  • CareerOne - Job Fair, sponsored by CareerOne