MyPaint is a free, cross-platform graphics software with the main focus on the digital painting and drawing. The functionality includes support for pressure sensitive graphics tablets.

MyPaint is written in C, C and Python programming languages ​​and has a rating based on GTK and Cairo graphical user interface.

MyPaint is developed since 2004; the first release ( version 0.1 ) happened on 12 March 2005. In November 2010, the version 0.9.0 and version 1.0.0 was finally released on November 22, 2011. It is distributed as free software in the source code under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License ( GPL). It is directly installed into the popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu and Fedora from the standard repositories.


Graphics Tablet

Support for pressure-sensitive graphics tablet simulates the natural painting and drawing. The amount of pressure can be adjusted on a curve to the personal behavior and preferences.

Brushes and pencils


Mypaint supports work in layers that can be offset against each other with different modes. Currently (Version 1.0.0), the modes are: Normal, Multiply, Burn, Dodge and screen available. With careful planning, the work is very delicate effects can thus be achieved. Various Painting backgrounds can be set. A selection is included in the base package and can be extended with your own.

File Format

The default file format is the open raster file format (*. Ora ). About a plugin, the graphics software GIMP load these files with all levels and edit. Other supported by mypaint file formats are JPEG and PNG, but these file formats do not support layers.