Colorless to yellowish liquid with a characteristic, ammoniacal odor


0.74 g · cm -3

-50 ° C

78 ° C

100 hPa ( 20 ° C)

Completely miscible with water and ethanol

1.4031 (20 ° C)


2 ml · m-3 and 6.1 mg · m-3

366 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, rat, oral)

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N- Butylamine is a chemical compound produced in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as an intermediate in the synthesis of organic substances. It is a primary amine. n-butylamine belongs to the group of aliphatic amines, more specifically, the butylamines and isomer isobutylamine, sec- butylamine and tert-butylamine.

The trivial name of the amino acid is derived from Norvalamin norvaline. By decarboxylation of norvaline formed of n-butylamine

Production and representation

N-butylamine formed in the reaction of n- butanol or n -butanal with ammonia in the presence of catalysts. Furthermore, it can be generated by the so-called Schmidt reaction of valeric acid.


N- butyl amine is an intermediate in the preparation of various organic compounds such as dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, plasticizers, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, adhesives, and can be used as a solvent for the titration.


N-butylamine may cause allergic reactions and is a contact poison.