N Painter

The painter was a N denoted by a Notnamen Attic vase painter of the black-figure style of the third quarter of the 6th century BC

The painter N was named after the potter Nikosthenes, in whose workshop he worked and for which he was one of the most important employees. He is not to be confused with another painter, who is known as Nikosthenes painter. According to current knowledge, the painter N seems to have painted all Nikosthenischen amphorae. In addition, he decorated several Kyathoi, bowls and a psykter. Some researchers assume that the painter N could be identical to the potter Nikosthenes.

The decorated by the painter N vases are dated for the most part in the 30s and 20s of the 6th century BC. Especially the larger figures show greater qualities, the smaller John Boardman referred to as simply boring and at times volatile and not far from the goods of mass production. Especially bad are his plants ornaments.