N (Poland)

N was a Polish satellite platform, which started on 12 October 2006. She belonged to the Polish ITI Group and Canal Cyfrowy to.

The programs were sent via Hotbird 13.0 ° East in MPEG -4 and are encrypted by Conax. The platform had over 1,001,000 subscribers.

On 1 November 2011, the ITI Group has announced a strategic partnership with Cyfra. It is planned the two platforms to merge n and Cyfra . On 19 December 2011, this merger was officially announced. The new satellite platform was launched on March 21, 2013 under the name nc replaces the platforms n and Cyfra .


Currently n offers:

The offer consists of various categories. These are listed here:

" Hity filmowe " ( Blockbuster )

" Informacje rozrywka i " (information and entertainment)

"Sport i motoryzacja " (Sport and motors)

" Dzieci " ( Children)

"Style, moda, muzyka " (Style, Fashion, Music )

" Kultura nauka, świat " ( Culture and Science)


" Noc " ( Adult )