N (video game)

N is a 2D platformer of the Canadian team of developers Metanet Software. It is available free of charge via the Internet and only available in English. The platform game is based according to the developers strongly to Lode Runner.

The game is based on Flash, and was written in ActionScript. The current version is 1.4. With the next version 1.5 code release is planned, then N is open source.


The game features in the current version 500 levels, which are divided into 100 episodes of five levels. Initially, only the episode 00, 10, ..., 80 and 90 are available. If an episode is completed successfully, the next episode is released. The aim of the game is to master all 100 episodes.

A special position compared to the other episode series takes the number 8 is a with the episodes 80 to 89, because these cards completely out of players is created. In addition, 157 created by players called user levels are included in delivery, irrespective of the normal game progress, can be played separately in an extra mode.


You play a ninja. The aim of each level is to reach the exit after the corresponding opener is operated. In addition to various opponents, primarily robot drones, mines and guns, represents the available time quota difficulty dar. At the beginning of an episode this amounts to 90 seconds. You collect in game gold pieces, then the possible play time is extended by 2 seconds.

In the match against opponents and time the player makes the superhuman speed and bounce of his alter ego as well as objects such as doors and exploit trampoline similar launchers.

The 2D graphics in N is very simple and consistent. The relatively static environments are smooth animations (especially the demise of the ninja is by the integrated Ragdoll engine very well staged ) against.


Ned ( N- Editor ) is the level editor which is contained in N. The built- in N level of 100 episodes were created with Ned. He has compared to the simplicity of the game via a complex of functions. Ned stands out from other editors by starting that up on the placement of enemies and objects, all actions are triggered from the keyboard. This is very used to, but after the training period enables fast and flexible working. In addition, the editor has a debug mode that can be played downloaded from the Internet level in the tested self-built or Level.

A level is not saved in Ned as a file, but can be copied in debug mode from a text box. The code is as available to the viewer after a short introduction of easily readable and changeable.


  • Audience Award in the category "Web - based games " of the Independent Games Festival 2005
  • Audience Award in the category " Computer Games " of the Slamdance Film Festival 2006


The main criticism of N is the overarching principle of simplicity. So there are only 8 per different opponents and objects. The outdated 2D graphics is offset by an excessive load on the hardware, which is caused mainly by the programming environment (Flash and Action Script).

The level of N format allows for many changes, unearth undocumented programming errors or inaccuracies, so that experienced users can install a number of errors in self-created levels. Metanet is criticized for doing too little against such an abuse. Fans respond that the opportunity that opportunities to intensify the gaming experience.

Also the level editor Ned is difficult or impossible to operate for many inexperienced users, as no load and save files level is possible. With version 1.5, this should be possible.


NReality is a modification based on N 1.4. The NReality modification was programmed by a member of the community ( " Unreality " ) and offers several new features. There are, for example, new enemies, and there is the opportunity to create their own modifications to the game. The small character can such as the body size to be changed. In addition to N- Reality 100 additional cards and two new modes are included.


  • 20 February 2008, Xbox Live Arcade
  • August 26, 2008 DS and PSP

N is a platforming video game for Xbox Live arcade and NDS and PSP. N has been released on February 20, 2008 for XBLA and on 26 August 2008 for NDS and PSP. N is based on the Flash Game N.


N has a Metacritic rating of 83%.