N1, N1 and N -1 describes:

  • The former Soviet rocket N1 (rocket)
  • Pack size N1 of medicines, see package size identification
  • Hit Radio N1, German radio station
  • An international motor vehicle classification, see motor vehicle # International Classification
  • N1 TV, private regional television in Lower Austria

N1, N 1 or N -1 describes the road:

  • In France, the National Road Route nationale 1
  • In Belgium, the National Road 1 (Belgium ) from Brussels to Antwerp
  • In the Netherlands the national road N1 ( Netherlands)
  • In Luxembourg, the N1 National Road ( Luxembourg ) from Luxembourg to Trier ( D)
  • In Senegal, the N1 ( Senegal)
  • In South Africa, the National Route 1 from Cape Town via Johannesburg to Beitbridge (Zimbabwe )
  • In Algeria, the National Road N1, see National Road 1 (Algeria)

The abbreviation stands for n1:

  • Nice one ( "Nice! "), see list of abbreviations (network jargon ) # N
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