N2, N 2 or N 2 may refer to:

  • The least containment level guardrail
  • Normal pack, a pack size of drugs, see package size identification
  • An international motor vehicle classification, see motor vehicle
  • The former name of the Irish television channel RTÉ Two
  • A type of locomotive locomotive from Karl Marx Babelsberg, see LKM N2

N2, N 2 or N 2 denotes the following streets:

  • In France, the national route 2
  • In Belgium, the National Road N2 ( Belgium) from Brussels to Leuven - Maastricht ( NL)
  • In the Netherlands, the National Road N2 ( Netherlands)
  • In Luxembourg, the National Road N2 ( Luxembourg ) from Luxembourg to Remich
  • In Senegal, the N2 ( Senegal)
  • In South Africa, the N2 ( South Africa)

N2 is

  • The chemical formula of molecular nitrogen
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