Nabesna River


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Course of the Tanana River and its two source rivers. The Nabesna River is the source river left.

The Nabesna River is 118 km long left source of the river Tanana River east of Mentasta Mountains in the Interior of Alaska.

He springs from the Nabesna Glacier in Wrangell-St Elias National Park and flows in a north- northeasterly direction through the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge and forms at Northway, 66 km south-east of Tok, at the confluence with the River Chisana the Tanana River. The Nabesna River is part of the river system of the Yukon River.

The river was named in 1898 by WJ Peters and AH Brooks from the United States Geological Survey based on the name of the original inhabitants of the upper reaches of the Tanana.