32.21611111111135.266111111111Koordinaten: 32 ° 13 ' N, 35 ° 16' O

Nablus (Arabic نابلس Nāblis or Nablus from the Greek Neapolis "New Town" ) is a city in the Palestinian territories with approximately 100,000 inhabitants. It is situated between two mountains (Arabic: Ibal and Dschirzim, Ebal and Gerizim in the Bible ). The biblical Shechem ( Jabal at - Nār, , fire mountain ') and the Roman foundation Flavia Neapolis were predecessors settlements at this point.

Nablus is home to the An-Najah National University. On the outskirts of Nablus Joseph grave of Jews, Muslims and Christians worshiped.


In the district of Nablus, including the refugee camps ( Balata and Askar ) and surrounding villages live 205 392 inhabitants. In Nablus district there are 14 Israeli settlements. The population of the city of Nablus is estimated at 104 596. Today there live under the Muslim and Christian population of about 400 members of the people of the Samaritans.

Twin Cities

Nablus has the following sister cities:

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