Nacala is a port city in the north of Mozambique.


The city lies on the Indian Ocean, at the Baia de Bengo. The natural bay is almost closed.


Nacala Nacala is the seat of the diocese.

Infrastructure and economy

The city has wide paved boulevards, a good hotel and catering trade. Several banks and the usual Clearing and Forwarding Agencies have their headquarters here on the coast there are wide, sandy beaches attractive to tourists. South of Nacala is the Ilha de Moçambique, which is touristy already developed better than the beaches of Nacala.

In the port there is a deep-water port with 60 meters water depth, allowing the clearance biggest ships. Four wharves are for general cargo are available, in addition comes a container terminal. Each year, about 200 ships to be handled. With Beira and Maputo, Nacala is one of the three major ports of Mozambique.

The port of Nacala, the 918 km long railway line (CFM -North) heard about Nampula and Cuamba to Lichinga (formerly Vila Cabral ).

The port allows you to export Tantalerzkonzentraten the Highland African Mining Company Ltd.. to Thailand and the United States.

Sons and daughters of the town