Nadiya Ke Paar (1948 film)

  • Dilip Kumar: Kuwar
  • Kamini Kaushal: Phulwa
  • David: Thakur Gulab Singh
  • Maya Banerji: Chanchal
  • Sushil Sahu: Bala
  • Ramesh Gupta: Sher Singh
  • Hari Shivdasani: landowners / Kuwars brother
  • Kanta Kumari Pushpa / Kuwars sister in law
  • Sampson: Damdi / Phulwas father
  • S. L. Puri: Doctor

Nadiya Ke Par (Hindi: नादिया के पार ) is a successful Bollywood film with Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal in the lead roles.


After his college degree Kuwar returns with his friend Sher Singh returned to his home village. There he made ​​the acquaintance of a simple fishing girl named Phulwa from the neighboring village. He immediately falls in love with her ​​and wants to know more about them. However, their love is not under a lucky star. A few years ago her family was responsible for the death of Kuwars father. Kuwars brother, an influential landowner wants nothing to do with the relationship with Phulwa. With Phulwas father, he enters into an agreement: Within 8 days Phulwa to be married, so that Kuwar no longer approaches her.

Finally Phulwas father organized a boat race. The winner will take Phulwa to wife. Secretly, and disguised Kuwar takes part in the race and wins. But his game of hide flies on by the jealous Bala. A fight between fishermen and rich landowners. During the commotion Kuwar and Phulwa will flee across the river Ganges. Unfortunately, Kuwar is hit by an arrow and seriously injured. The boat is caught in a whirlpool and the two lovers drowned, but her mind was still buzzing over the river.