Nadowli District

The Nadowli District in the northwest of Ghana is one of eight districts in the Upper West Region and the West has a common border with the neighboring country of Burkina Faso. The district was created only in 1988.


96 % of the population of the district belong to the group of Dagaare, about 3% to the Sisala, 1% various peoples of northern and southern Ghana. 59% are Christians, 18% followers of Islam and 23 % are committed to traditional religions.

Villages in the district

The Nadowli district is rural, none of the towns listed below - including the capital Nadowli - has urban character, with the western part of the district is more densely populated than the east.

  • Nadowli
  • Bussie
  • Naro Norung
  • Takpo
  • Tabeasi
  • Fian
  • Duong
  • Sankana
  • Wogu
  • Daffiama
  • Sombo
  • Kojoperi
  • Nator
  • Issa
  • Jang
  • Goli
  • Owlo
  • Nanvilli
  • Seri Kperee.