Nagakute, Aichi

Nagakute (Japanese长久 手 市, -shi ) is a Japanese town in Aichi Prefecture.


Nagakute is located in the east of Nōbi level and is drained by the Kanare -gawa (香 流川).

Borders the following municipalities:


1584 the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute between the armies of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu took place here.

The municipality was created on 10 May Nagakute in 1906 the Association of villages Nagakute (长 湫 村, -mura ), Kamigo (上 郷 村, -mura ) and Yazako (岩 作 村, -mura ) in the district of Aichi. The new name was taken from the former municipality, but in the altered spelling长久 手 村. On April 1, 1971, the scale-up was performed to township ( chō ).

On January 4, 2012 Nagakute the independent city ( shi) was appointed, which Tōgō now is the only municipality in the district of Aichi.


Nagakute is connected directly to any major trunk road ( National road or highway ). However, runs through the municipality, without junction, the Tomei highway to Setagaya, Tokyo and Komaki. Directly at the exit is the junction Nagoya which is connected via the prefectural road 60.

At the national rail network Nagakute is not connected well. However, the maglev Linimo was built as part of the Expo 2005, with the neighboring cities of Nagoya and Toyota can be achieved.


Nagakute was the main venue for the World Expo 2005. The 194.2 -hectare site, Ai Chikyu Haku Kinenbi Kōen (爱·地球 博 记念 公园), can be partially still be visited.

The Toyota Museum are located at museums in Nagakute (トヨタ 博物館, Toyota Hakubutsukan ) for automotive history by Toyota, as well as other vehicle manufacturers, as well as the Meito Art Museum (名 都 美术馆, Meito Bijutsukan ) with works by Japanese artists such as Itō Shinsui, Uemura Shoen and Kaburagi Kiyokata.


In Nagakute the primary schools are (长久 手 市立X小学校, Nagakute - Shiritsu X shōgakkō ) Nagakute, Nishi (西, "West " ), Higashi (东, "East" ), Kita (北, "North" ), Minami (南, "South" ) and Ichigahora (市が洞), the middle schools (长久 手 市立X中 学校, Nagakute - Shiritsu X chūgakkō ) Nagakute and Minami, as well as the public high school Nagakute (爱 知 県 立 长久 手 高等学校, Aichi kenritsu Nagekute Kōtō Gakko ) and the private Eitoku high School (栄 徳 高等学校, Eitoku Kōtō Gakko ).

Are located at higher educational institutions in Nagekute the Medical University Aichi (爱 知 医科大学, Aichi Ika Daigaku ), the School of Art Aichi (爱 知 県 立 芸 术 大学, Aichi kenritsu Geijutsu Daigaku ), the Aichi Shuntoku University (爱 知 淑 徳 大学, Aichi Shuntoku Daigaku ) and the Aichi prefectural University (爱 知 県 立 大学, Aichi kenritsu Daigaku ).


Since 1992, the Belgian Waterloo is the sister city of Nagakute.

With Nagiso domestically an exchange agreement concluded on 21 October 2006.