Naha, Okinawa

Naha (Japanese那霸 市, -shi, Okinawisch Naahwa ) is the largest city of the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa, while their administrative headquarters.


The approximately 100 -km-long island of Okinawa, located in the south of Naha, belongs to the Ryukyu Islands and thus also to the Nansei Islands, which extend from Kyushu to Taiwan and disconnect the East China Sea from the Pacific Ocean.



Naha -Te (Japanese那霸 手, dt Naha - hand), an applied there martial arts, was named after the city. In the villages of Naha, Tomari (泊) and Shuri Okinawa - Te, the origin of today's Karate is originated.

In 1853, the U.S. naval officer Matthew Calbraith Perry landed during his successful campaign for the opening of Japan to foreign trade, Naha.

In the three- month long battle for Okinawa, the final battle of the Pacific War in 1945, Naha and all other places in the south of Okinawa Island were almost completely destroyed.


Naha has the monorail Yuirail and an international airport. There are ferry connections to the surrounding islands and cities on the Japanese home islands, however, are increasingly replacing the cheaper and cheaper air travel.


In Naha, there are two universities.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Gichin Funakoshi ( Karate )
  • Mabuni Mabuni ( karateka )
  • Anko Itosu ( karateka )
  • Kanryo Higaonna ( karateka )
  • Sokon Matsumura ( karateka )
  • Namie Amuro ( JPop singer )
  • Cocco ( JPop singer )
  • Kazuki Ganaha ( football player)

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Tomigusuku
  • Urasoe
  • Haebaru
  • Nishihara